• Light Gold Amina Clutch

Light Gold Amina Clutch




Amina clutches are handcrafted by Moroccan women artisans using sustainably processed materials.

Our artisan partners employ women in rural areas of Marrakech to collect Raphia leaves used in the Amina clutches. The women artisans dry the Raphia leaves and sew it into a clutch. Other groups of women artisans include the leather linings. The exterior broidery is finished in specific highly skilled artisan shops in the markets of Marrakech.

Our Amina clutch are environmentally friendly and create a large social impact by employing many underserved populations . 


* Hand woven Raffia palm clutch with artisan embroidery

* Soft fabric lining

* Magnetic enclosures
* Handcrafted in Marrakech

Available in one size * 5" H x 8" WX

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