Test - Creative Director

Ahmed with one of the first bags he designed for the men's line.

elkarti is an ethical fashion line. We design luxury accessories that are hand crafted by Master Artisans in Morocco.

At a young age my mother used to take me to my grandfather's leather bazaars at the old markets of Marrakech. There, I worked with Moroccan leather artisans and sold handmade shoes to tourists to be able to save up for my school supplies."

My mother was an elementary school teacher.  She was also a very talented designer for Moroccan women clothing dresses. Growing up close to her I picked up an eye for design and working closely with artisans in the markets of Morocco made me fall in love with traditional Moroccan leather craftsmanship. 

Later I moved to Portland, Oregon and started elkarti to showcase my love for design and Moroccan leather craftsmanship combined with a passion to change the lives of my fellow artisans.

elkarti is my mother's maiden name. I named the brand after her because she is my life long inspiration.

Ahmed Abidine

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