Process / Craftsmanship

Fez Tanneries (More than a thousand years old)

The process of elkarti's natural leather tanning starts here and it takes about 55 days to finish the natural vegetable based tanning process. 


After the leather is finished it is colored by hand using all natural veggie based pigments of Morocco. 


Then the design is implemented and the handcrafting begins.


 We use traditional handcrafting techniques that date back hundred of years. 

Then the handbags are ready to be hand branded. 

Once all the hand stitching is done we finish the last details by sewing machine. 

Souad one of our artisan partners is a Master Artisan women. She is the Lead Artisan and founder of the Deaf Artisan Group of Marrakech. We are proud to be working with her artisan atelier to produce our elkarti designs and also to change lives via elkarti ethical fashion business model. 

elkarti is ethical fashion.



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