BERBER Collection

Collection inspiration: 

The Berber collection represents the beauty of the ancient Berber culture and craftsmanship. The Berber Kilims used in our satchels are woven from wool dyes that consist of natural pigments collected from the Atlas mountains and dyed into the wool by master tanners in Marrakech. The natural wool then gets distributed to weekly Berber villages markets where the women artisans buy it and store it to make their killims. The unique motifs and geometric designs in the killims consist of Berber language signs and pure imagination drawings by the Berber women artists. Each satchel is handmade from vintage or new Berber killim that we collect in Marrakech markets or we buy directly from the Berber women. 

The satchels are handmade by Master artisans of the Deaf Artisan Group of Marrakech.


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